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New Groups Starting

What: Seven Pillars of Freedom by Pure Desire Ministries (10-months long)

When: Wednesday nights, Starting June 11th, 2024 from 7:00-9:00pm

Where: Ardmore, PA

Who: Men 18 years and older

Cost: Group materials are $80, no other additional costs

Interested in joining? Email Denny for more info and to sign up.

Click for a course video trailer

More GROUP Information

There is a place for you.

Specific contact information cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons. Yet, shown on the map below, here is a rough estimate of the places where groups are occurring to let you know that wherever you are, you can find a place near you. There are new groups forming every few months so feel free to reach out to get connected or to start a group in your area. 

Possible Group Resources

  • Conquer Series 

  • Sexual Integrity 101

  • Seven Pillars of Freedom

  • Supplemental books, messages, and videos

Each group is led by a different group facilitator, and each group includes different content and materials.

General Group Guidelines

  • Confidentiality

  • Self-focus (avoiding giving advice)

  • Giving everyone the opportunity and the time to share

  • Respecting others

  • Regular attendance

  • Commitment to giving personal accounts

  • Listening respectfully

  • Staying on subject / questions

  • Completing weekly work

General Group Tools

  • FASTER Awareness Scale

  • Commitment to Change

  • Recovery Action Plan

  • Crash Site Investigation

  • Memo of Understanding

  • Covenant to Contend

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