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This ministry exists in the greater Philadelphia area to provide healing, freedom, and new life from sexual brokenness through Jesus Christ. 

Sexual brokenness occurs for men of all ages. Therefore, this ministry is here for men of all ages. Teen to grandfather. 

The hope is to see men living with integrity, faithfulness, and joy. This is most realized as men share their individual stories, as they experience grace and truth from others, and as God does a powerful healing work in their lives. 

Therefore, the desire is to create men's sexual wholeness groups throughout the area on college campuses, in churches, for the community, and on-line. 

This ministry loves Jesus dearly and longs for every man to know Him and His goodness. 

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Denny Kriczky

Over the past 7 years, I have been involved in sexual wholeness ministry in Washington, DC and Philadelphia. I am a graduate of Penn State University, and I simply love solving problems and thinking deeply. My wife, Lauren, and I got married in the middle of 2020 (!), and we reside in the wonderfully, small town of Bridgeport, PA. 

I enjoy seeing men fully understand and experience who God has created them to be through the truths of the Bible. My pursuit is to create safe places where men can be open and honest with their brokenness and pain. Through this, I have seen men experience God's transformational power in their lives.


Feel free to reach out to me below. It would be an honor to hear your story. 

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